What We Do

Including You sessions may involve spending time together learning to bake, to do an art project, to play checkers, or to do a TikTok dance. It might mean homework help. Or just catching up and chatting about the day.


To best connect people all over the country and to accommodate busy schedules and the current social distancing guidelines, Including You is currently all online. We will provide needed technology for those who do not have access to it. Because friendship, and learning, should have no barriers.


Mentors at Including You will host sessions with their mentees, teaching skills and hobbies. You can bake with them, lead a craft with them, or simply have a conversation! You also will have the option to submit videos of yourself teaching a craft, reading a children’s book or sharing whatever knowledge and talent you would like to! These videos will be posted on our social media so people can have access to them at any time!


Mentees at Including You have sessions with their assigned mentor to learn new things, chat, and create a friendship! We will match you with a mentor based on your interest and needs. Mentees have the option to have a one-on-one session with their mentor or have a group session with up to three people!