When Daisy launched Including You in March 2020, she recruited volunteers from school, her Girl Scout Troop and other extracurriculars, and her friends near and far. Since then, volunteers have reached out from around the country to join Including You’s peer-to-peer mentorship program. We are so happy to see the wonderful friendships that have developed between volunteer mentors and mentees with physical, developmental or learning disabilities or who face income or educational disparities!


In addition to the one-on-one pairings, the Including You Crew gets together for virtual field trips, art, STEM, music and cooking classes and other programming. We are looking forward to more fun times ahead. Together, we can do anything!



Device Donations

Thanks to our incredibly generous sponsors, partners, and GoFundMe donors, we have been able to get over 500 devices in the hands of underserved students across the country!

Special thanks to Grimley Financial Corporation (pictured) for purchasing and delivering ten BRAND NEW laptops for students at P.S. 723x@189x, a school that exclusively serves students with Autism, or those with multiple disabilities. We salute you!



Fundraising & Outreach

Thanks to our amazing donors, Including You has raised nearly $35,000 to purchase more devices for students who need them for remote learning! Including You has also provided medical equipment, such as crutches, to mentees who needed a helping hand.

Our founder, Daisy Hampton, has also continued her advocacy efforts, encouraging inclusion in all aspects of society. From writing op-eds to making television appearances to interviews on radio and podcasts, Daisy has spoken out about the importance of digital inclusion, educational equity, disability rights and espousing everyday kindness to all.